Saturday, January 1, 2011


This is an exciting year. The end of one amazing decade and the beginning of a new one. As I wrote in my journal all the places I've visited in the last decade I also began to think of places I want to visit in the next decade. This lead me to a more and less than thought-what I want more of and less of in the upcoming year.

May 2011 bring me more home cooking, traditions, family. May it bring me more of what my mama, grandma, and aunts taught me growing up. May it bring on more classics-movies and books and less reality TV (because the more I watch reality TV I am SO thankful that is the farthest from MY reality as it could be!) May it bring us all more peace less stress, more quality time less "things to do", more of James-slow to speak quick to listen, slow to anger quick to love one another. May it bring wanting what we already have and needing nothing else. More of less to gain more of what matters most-all unseen. More celebration. More positive thinking and affirmations. More friends and laughing so hard you cry. More of calling those you love. More being there when we are needed by others. May it bring more patience and soft words to our children, more of modeling what we want and less of do as I say not as I do. More giving less getting. More healthful thinking and living. Most importantly more of God and less of us this year.

Happy New Year! May it bring you more than last year!