Monday, September 14, 2015

Diary of a Housewife...

Today I get to be a housewife. I have traded in the role of full time teacher gone housewife gone back full time teacher to being a part time teacher and most of the time housewife this year. Meaning I substitute teach when I want to only at my son's elementary school and then on every Thursday for a couple of hours starting this week teach math. When I envisioned being a housewife last year (which only lasted 4 months) I envisioned actually being IN my house. I realized soon after we should be called "car wives" because I was shuttling kids, lunches, and running errands most of my time.

But today I get to be a "house" wife. I got to wake up, rouse the kids who were actually already self started to my delight, cook them breakfast, pack their lunches and snacks for the day, and take the kids to school in my pajamas (a novelty I love because I never got to do it as a working mom) dog in tow. I came home and stripped everyone's bed and washed the sheets and bedding. I cooked a luxurious breakfast for myself and enjoyed it on the porch listening to birds sing and enjoying the 70 degree fall weather.

After the sermon at Crosspoint on Sunday I realized God doesn't have a preference on my job as long as I am doing it to honor Him. It's all in my attitude of HOW I am doing WHATEVER it is I choose to do. The way I am treating people along the way.

I am taking great joy this morning in the smell of candles burning in my clean home, the wafting of laundry and fabric softener as the sheets and kids' clothes are washing and drying, the smell of dinner cooking in the crockpot.

My satisfaction will be when my family is full and happy after dinner tonight and snuggles into a bed with clean sheets that smell Downy fresh. It's enough for me.