Wednesday, July 29, 2015


When Paul and I were in college we went to his cousins and picked a little chocolate lab puppy. Paul was living off campus in a hundred year old shot gun house at the time. When he got the puppy he took him outside every 2-3 hours to potty train him. I knew then he would make a great dad. We had that dog when we got married, all through med school, during our move to Chattanooga, for the birth of both our children. Then, when W was about 3 the dog died of old age. We were all devastated. We went years with no dog. It was just too painful. After having a big strong Chocolate lab who loved the water and lived outside I was ready for a new dog. A small dog. So the summer of 2013 we took the kids to Disney World but that wasn't the big surprise. On the drive home we swung by Knoxville and picked up Sonny!

This was the picture we had of him when we saw him online for the first time! He is a black and white Havanese puppy.

This is going to be a ridiculously devoted blog to why this dog is the best dog in the universe! My Sonny.

He is the most comforting animal. It has to do with his fur. It is the softest thing. Picture human hair that feels like an expensive cashmere sweater! Well he's even softer! Anytime I have had surgery, or am sick, or feeling in the dumps he doesn't leave my side. He stays around on cuddle watch.

His bad hair days are a sight. They are really something to see!

He has the fluffiest paws. They're like fuzzy slippers.

Sonny loves my M. He lets her treat him just like a baby.

As a puppy he potty trained right away using crate training and a cow bell. He still rings his bell whenever he wants to go out. He never has an accident in the house even if he is home alone all day.

He puts away his toys...sometimes!

He looks like a puppy everytime he gets a haircut.

He loves to be close to me....all the time!

He's very photogenic.

He loves books as much as I do.

He's always game to go for doughnuts.

He sneaks kisses whenever he can.

He knows how to accessorize.

He's good for school projects.

He plays dead.

He makes me healthy because he loves to take walks. Long walks.

He grows his own winter coat and -It's SOO FLUFFY!

He's super easy to groom. Wash, dry, release for him to go crazy.

He loves dressing up for Halloween.

And Christmas.

He makes a great napping buddy.

He likes my journals as much as I do.

He's a perfect companion through all seasons.

He'll play fetch all day long!

He loves to travel.

Very rarely does he get the's usually when he can't go somewhere with us.

He appreciates natural light. You often find him basking in the sun somewhere.