Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Pinterest Projects...I've Got Time!

Most years at this time, I am stressed, frantic, focussed on one thing.....Classroom and feeling the pressure and knots of a new year with the faculty meeting to look forward to that always adds a lot of new responsibilities that are in ADDItion to all the old. It leaves me feeling cranky, depleted, and well in a bad mood.

I am instead playing with my kids, welcoming visitors (my parents) the last week of summer with ease, and doing all the projects for 3 years I've been pinning but never had the time to do:

With my Louisiana roots and TN branches I have loved this project! It cost me $12.00 total. I got the frame (with a tiny unnoticeable crack in the glass) on red line for $7.00 from Michaels. I printed the Hey Ya'll on card stock which I already had and traced the words with a gold paint pen $4.00 from Office Depot. I used my scrapbook paper I already had to make a matting. It went in my guest room to welcome all my Southern guests :)

The next project was also for the guest room!

This was a favorite things tray for your guests. I put a jar of my parents favorite candy, a couple of books I knew they would like, magazines, and an assortment of pies for my dad, along with a plant.

The last project was the guest bathroom:

This was a just in case you left it project.

I would like to also take this time to make a note to Michaels about your lovely stickers telling me in 3 languages that glass is fragile.....

Dear Michaels.....Glass, is also SEE THROUGH!!!!!! So your stickers that do not peel off really make my projects a little trying!

Luckily I learned by trial and error that heating it with a blow dryer will NOT get these stickers off :/

But using this sponge with dawn will scrub the sticker AND the annoying sticky right off!

So basically I am enjoying my life and my kids and my family. I am relishing every email from their school I get and signing up for every meeting. I thank God every single night as I walk the dog for such peace and this phase of life. I thank Him for the gift of being a stay at home mom and getting to do this while my kids are little! I thank him for Pinterest ideas and that I've got time to be creative and actually DO them!

If You Wanna Lose Weight.....

If you wanna lose weight... Do what your 7 year old son does! After dropping this preteen beauty off at a slumber party:

I took my son to a trampoline park with full intentions of getting a kick butt 1 hour of cardio in. And BOY DID I!!! I could do this weekly. My face was red. My body was crazy tired. And I had the MOST fun ever working out! Except jumping in the foam feet I mean pit-that was like diving into a bunch of stinky feet soaked sweaters.....I won't do that again!

The best part was something that gave me a goal for this entire year. Don't just bring the kids to the trampoline park.....jump WITH them. I want to be actively involved in raising my children this school year and not just bring them to do stuff and sit back and watch but actually DO STUFF WITH THEM so they will always remember.....mom jumped too!

Sometimes the best work outs are just playing with your kids!!

Sweaty and Happy!! Best workout partner :)

Room Make-Over

After many more nights of facing my 48 footer at 4 in the morning with, "Mom! I'm scared!" I felt a debunking the bedroom makeover was in order. I mean the top bunk makes the bottom bunk dark and shadowy and maybe opening up the room with more light could make it less scary. And if all else failed a new arrangement may make my little superhero more invincible.

So while W was downstairs busy building a galactic Star Wars Lego ship....I came upstairs and enlisted the help of my Husband (the heavy lifting you know), my daughter, and the dog....well he just watched.

W had no idea what was going on. I ran the idea the night before about taking apart the bunk beds and he was all on board.

When he came up he was mucho excited to see his newly arranged room.

It was a success. I only had 4 AM wake up calls two more nights. It seems the addition of Captain America above his bed worked like a charm.

Thank you Kirklands! I had a restful night last night! The best part was we were working as a family all together to surprise our little guy on a Sunday afternoon. That is truly what families do!

Friday, July 25, 2014

Mommies and Zombies

At the beginning of the summer or should I say the last week of school, W had a bad dream. He remembered it in great detail. He dreamed he was at the base of the stairs in our house and a little girl screamed in his room. He yelled up to her, "What is it? A Ghost??" And she yelled back to him, "NO! It's a zombie!"

Following this dream he refused to enter his room. It became his scary place. His sister traded rooms with him during the day. He slept with her every night in her room. Every now and then he would look pleading to me and say, "I can't forget about my dream." He looked in his room at the doorway and said to me, "I'm not going in there!" Turns out he thinks he had the dream because of a commercial for some scary movie.

It was summer so I wasn't too worried because he always ends up sleeping in his sister's room anyway all summer long. They fuss, they talk, they laugh.

So we decided since school starts in a couple of weeks it was time for him to go back to his bed and conquer his fear....

The first night he ended up back in his sister's bed.

The second night I stayed with him until he fell asleep and he was up and out of there at 6AM.

Last night was the 3rd night. Now let me tell you there is nothing scarier than feeling a presence over you as you sleep in the dead of night and knowing as you open your eyes someone's going to be there. Especially when that someone includes a 3 foot stuffed batman-mask and cape and all....and a 4 foot boy 2 inches from your face looking over you as you sleep. I opened my eyes to these dark figures. Calmly (without screaming which is what I wanted to do but that wouldn't have helped the situation now would it??) I asked, "What's wrong W?" He said, "I'm scared!" What I didn't say is, "YOU? I'm scared!"

He had a very happy smile as we both went hand in hand back to his bed...his twin sized bunk bed....to sleep....the two of us (3 if you include batman). So We laid down, W, Me, and Batman. All in the twin bed. He wasn't going to go to sleep easily. It is just something you can tell after doing this sort of thing for 10 years. He said, "Let me go see what time it is?" And happily skipped to my room and came back to tell me it was 4AM.

Then he wiggled and squirmed. Then he said, "My tummy hurts..." Now my children don't ever say this in bed unless.... That was MY biggest fear last night. The only thing worse than being up at 4AM in a twin bed with a stuffed 3 ft batman is cleaning puke from the sheets, bed, and the off of batman. So we rushed to the bathroom together-still hand in hand.

He used the bathroom and seemed to feel much better. I felt better too because I had to pee and didn't think he would let me get up and leave him alone to be Zombie food.

We got back in bed, and he was still tensely holding on to me. His whole body was tense. My little guy was afraid. After much cuddling I could feel him relax into sleep.

I had a distinct memory of these very moments, times when he was little. Much "littler". When we had to disassemble his crib around age 1 (much too early) because to my dismay he was throwing his whole body over with a hefty thump heard from the downstairs. When he was too little for a twin bed so he had to have a railing. When I would squeeze in and wait for his little body to drift off into a relaxed sleep. Little like when I would unwind my limbs from his clasps and ease off the bed like a snake. One leg out of the covers, one leg over the edge of the bed, slithering oh so quietly so he wouldn't wake up. Two legs and half my body. Two legs and half my body and an arm, sliding the last arm from his wound up fingers.

That's what I had to do, at 4AM last night. And I couldn't help but to appreciate it. The fact that even though for years he has been the best 8-7 sleeper, I was slithering again. Just as I had when he was a toddler.

This morning I woke up tired but had a refreshing appreciation for me, not just a woman, but a mommy. I was reminded last night that I am worth a lot more than how I look in a bathing suit, because I can do what batman can't...at 4 in the morning.

So, he survived the Zombies no thanks to batman. He is back in his sisters room where all is safe again. Until tonight when we conquer the zombies again...

Thursday, July 24, 2014


Ever feel like throwing a tantrum? I had the worst temper tantrums as a kid. It became my M.O. ("modus operandi," Latin for method of operation)

I tortured my poor older sister.

And she was still my angel all growing up.

Most people say I got the temper from this lady:

My namesake and aunt I love more than life itself.

My mom was the most nurturing soul ever despite my tantrums. Not the baking and cleaning kind, that's too boring for her (although she did teach me everything I know about cooking)-the passing on her writing gene by supplying me with journals she personally decoupaged, the sending cards everyday I was gone to visit my aunt during the summer, the reading Where the Red Fern Grows aloud every night until the Red Ferns Grew! She humored me and felt mostly I could do no wrong.

She passed on the never ending patience, nurturing, loving, nature from the start.

Even when I pooped all over her.

How the heck is anyone that freaking skinny after having a baby anyway? And WHY didn't I get that gene??

Anyhoo, now I can't slam doors, tear the covers off my bed, throw shoes at the door. I have to be an adult-self controoool. So I walk the dog and look at the sky. I go for a drive. I watch a funny movie. I keep silent and focus on not exploding!

Mostly I think a huge gourmet cupcake would help too.

Dieting is not for the weak of heart. Day 5 is wearing on me. I am considering doing a cheat day where I DO stick to the 1200 calories however I eat 1200 calories of this:

Forget the broccoli, and fish, and almond butter I could just have this around noon:

Heck I could still have a 100 calorie breakfast!

Oh well a girl can dream. For now I will be going off to bed to get on to day 6 and NOT throwing an "I want a cupcake" tantrum!!

ps. Mom, I'm sorry for putting your boob on the internet.....again.

pps. I AM an avid supporter for breast feeding however!

Casting Crowns - Thrive (Official Lyric Video)

Made to THRIVE! Not just survive. I so love this.

Not Sorry | #ShineStrong Pantene

This hit a nerve. I like it! Unapologetically...

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

To All the Make Up Lovers Out There!

Another awesome and cost friendly product that I love this summer. Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm.

It feels so light like a lip balm and the colors are gorgeous! If you love color but hate lipstick then try these!

Of course my favorite is Showy Flamboyante which is hot pink and oh so 90's but Whatever! Even Sonny likes it :)