About Me

I am a child of God. My life is wrapped in His love. If I could do anything, anything at all it would be to spread the comfort, joy, peace, mercy, grace, and awareness that the Lord has put in my heart since I was a little girl.

I am a Louisiana girl at heart that has grown roots in TN and would have to be drug kicking and screaming now from Rocky Top and the gorgeous TN Fall experience. I have taught elementary school since 2001 in 6 different schools so far grades 3rd-5th. I am married to my high school sweetheart. I have two wonderful children. I have endured years of being a wife of a med student, a general surgery resident, a plastic surgery resident, and now a plastic surgeon (all the same man!)

I am a girls' girl. My girlfriends are my pride and joy! I love people and appreciate our differences. I truly believe every person is anointed with a gift from God. We may not ever know what it is but it's there, and affects those around us daily. I'm still discovering mine or trying.

I love writing and have been an avid journaler since the 5th grade. Books are a genetic passion as well as my love for writing-see my mom's Poetry Blog:http: //dragonflyspoetryandprolixity.blogspot.com
My mom writes poems that haunts the soul-in a good way :) My father and sister are artists and creativity flows through my veins...but not always through my hands.

I love children-my gift is to look at a child and see them, really see them. If we listen to what children have to say we can learn a lot as adults. They are wiser than us all! I also love cooking, the outdoors, make-up, and basically am open to trying most anything new. I'm obsessed with the F's-Food, Festivals, Friends, Family, Fun, Faith!

I don't believe you have to be perfect or even pretend to be to receive God's love.

I hope you enjoy my messy, imperfect, flawed yet honest and personal blog!

My Family :)

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