Monday, May 15, 2017

Don't Fear Changing What You Don't Like

I truly believe if you don't like it-change it! The key component is do you dislike it enough to do the WORK required to change whatever it is you dislike? I have moments of greatness. Energetic moments where I may pass by something in my home and realize I hate that wall color! Room design! Whatever, and decide immediately to act on it. For me this is good and bad. Good because I get things done-myself! For cheap! Bad because the first day I have a plan and get to action. Day 2 I'm still plugging along, day three I wonder why I started but am too OCD to leave anything *gulp* unfinished.

So this is what I did (thankful now) with my dining room that was a dim honey mustard yellow with very dark old time brownish maroon cinema like material curtains (that I did not pick) and a lot of pinterest inspired possibility!


Paint can do wonders but do your prep work! Frog Tape, floor covering (I like the roll of brown paper) and enough paint brushes and paint.


The kitchen was another eye sore for me. I did that months ago again you can see I prefer white, light, and bright to dark browns.

Make sure your home rises up to greet you! Cheap ways to add life-lighting. I added solar lighting for $28 above the deck. Flowers! Seasonal and cheap way to welcome you each day!

Make your home your safe haven!

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